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You have a vision; we have a way to get you there.

7Hoor Architecture Studio founded in 2017. With a focus on sustainable strategies, we approach each project as a singular opportunity to explore ideas of environmental, economic and social context and spatial experience. This is a unique experience of believing on history, trusting the new ideas and expanding the future.

7Hoor provides full architectural design and construction services.

We design a wide range of urban design, architecture and interior design projects. We have extensive experience in designing projects including:

  • Master planning of cities.
  • Commercial, mix-used buildings and shopping centers.
  • Residential and apartment buildings and villas.
  • Store, restaurant, office and home interior designing.


As the Founder and Principle of 7Hoor Architecture Studio, Babak Khabaz has more than 15 years of professional experiences in architecture. He has experiences of co-working with international firms in corporation of architectural projects in Asia, Europe and North America.



Every project is different, but our way of thinking stays the same.

Our process to design a project is a way that includes:

  • Listening: We listen to our clients and their needs for expertise. We pay close attention to what is right and relevant.
  • Anticipating: We think about not only what clients say, but also how we can anticipate their needs and make the architectural design better.
  • Empathizing: We always put our clients at the center of our strategy so our work can create real benefits for them.
  • Collaborating: Great ideas can come from anywhere, so we and our engineering and construction partners work together as one team.





Babak Khabaz


1978: Born in Washington DC, USA
1996-2004: M.Arch. at Art University of Teharn.
2001-2008: Architect at Iranian and American Architecture companies.
2008-2016: CEO at Avgoun Architects Co.
2017: CEO & Owner at 7Hoor Architects.


Behnam Khanjani

Member of the Board of Directors

Reza Vasighi Motlagh

Member of the Board of Directors


Parastoo Piray

Junior Architect

B.A, Architecture, University of Tehran
M.A, Technology in Architecture, University of Tehran

Contact: P.Piray@7hoor.com

Mahtab Ghahremany arasi

Junior Architect

A.A, Architecture, University of Tabriz
B.A, Architecture, University of Kurdistan

Contact: M.Gh@7hoor.com

Mahsa Jahanshad

Junior Architect

B.A, Architecture, University of Tehran
M.A, Energy in Arhitecture, University of Tehran

Contact: Mahsa.Jahanshad@7hoor.com

Tell & Fax : +98-2122058284  &  +98-2122057379
Email : info@7hoor.com
Address : NO.92 – Fereshteh (fayyazi) st.

Apt #3

Tehran – Iran  1965917954




Surface: 1650m


The Atlasi house is built on a 500 sqm plot in Zafar district in northern Tehran. The building is designed for a family consists of a parent and two children, where the near future expansion of each child’s family was a priority. The design goal was to house this extended family in contemporary format apartments where the main challenge was to solve the level of dependency between future residents. We wanted to reflect this level of dependency in volume, size, form and organization of spaces of the house.

To this end, the complex consists of three individual units; the entire first floor was given to the parents and is designed in a flat format with large and luxurious dining and living room aligned with their requirements of age and social status. For brothers, multilevel apartment were designed to reflect their playful and modern moods.

A vertical void between the mass of the building creates a central courtyard. This courtyard enables penetration of natural light deep into houses and provides sky view for the residents. On the other hand placing of various spaces (open and semi-open spaces and private balconies) around the court yard at various levels, demonstrate a dynamic and lively area where members of the family can enjoy their social life and keep neighbors interacted while each house’s privacy is protected. Transparency and fluidity of spaces and overflow of sky and light into the units were achieved by adding semi closed areas and skylights.

The parent’s flat apartment is on the second floor (254 sqm). A duplex unit with an area of 233 square meters on 3rd and 4th floors on northern side belongs to the smaller child and a triplex unit with area of 290 sqm spreading on the southern side is for the older son. Each unit was carefully designed to meet the specific needs of its residents.

Shared facilities include a pool, sauna, gym and a tea room located in the basement floor and parking for 6 cars on the ground floor and a roof garden.

  • P1
  • N2
  • Q3
  • D4
  • V5
پروژه-معماری-خانه-اطلسی-برنده-جایزه-معمار-نما-ترکیب-آجر-و -سنگ
پروژه-معماری-خانه-اطلسی-برنده-جایزه-معمار-نما-ترکیب-آجر-و -سنگ

Total Area: 1560 sqm, Residential Area: 780 sqm

Completion Year: 2014

Client: Ahmadian Family


Architects: Sepideh Masoudinejad, Babak Khabaz, Babak Gholizadeh

Construction: Avgoun Office (Babak khabaz, Babak Gholizadeh)

Structure Engineer: Benyamin Mohebi

Mechanical Engineer: Kambiz Tabei

Photographs: Alireza Roohnavaz